In search for a bigger format

Hi all
Do you guys know of any wp theme that can display images larger than 1024px wide? I’d like to display my shots as large as possible!


10 thoughts on “In search for a bigger format

  1. Before I switched to Able, I used one that was called something like Classic Word Press or Word Press Classic. If I remember correctly, it showed photos in what ever size I posted. The only reason I switched to Able is that Classic WP had limited add ons and navigation was not as easy.

    • I finally had a chance to check what theme I have, it’s called Parament and I liked it because it allowed me to customise the background picture and so on without having to pay for it. When uploading from my phone I can choose the picture size up to 2000px width, but I’m not sure if that’s what’s showing on the blog… I would actually guess not. But when I upload from the computer, I can choose full size. And then anyone can click on the pictures and get the full size for them, regardless where they were uploaded from. That’s my two penny’s worth. 🙂

      • Thanks for the info! I’m thinking recently to move to a different hosting platform. This will allow me to edit my themes as I wish to. Also there are some pretty good photo themes out there only available if you host your blog.

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