Beach bar. Tonsai bay.



12 thoughts on “Beach bar. Tonsai bay.

  1. This is on Railay, right? I’ve actually stayed here before. There are little bamboo huts out back behind the bar. The owners are all hippies…very chill environment : )

  2. Great photo! You’ve been follower for sometime now Colorspark79 … time I returned the favor! Consider yourself ‘followed’! I took the opportunity to scroll down a bit to see what I’ve been missing. Really nice work. Will look forward to more of the same! D

  3. This one is definitely a keeper. Love the creative use of The Rule of Thirds, lines drawing your attention into the photograph (specifically the convergence of the gunwale and keel lines), and the vibrant colors set against the green backdrop. Just a fun, fun picture in every respect.

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