Regents Canal


8 thoughts on “Regents Canal

  1. An interesting shot – I travelled this canal down to Bow Locks and then up the Thames in the early 80s. I should dig out the negatives because the landscape has of course changed out of all recognition – there was nothing there. The old dock buildings had been flattened and the Docklands development was still a pipe dream. The view of the chimney would be the same, the trains would have been there if a little older and I am sure there would have been graffiti but the most radical change is that Canary Wharf would not be filling the background. Thanks for stirring the memories – there are some great photos on your blog, keep them coming.

  2. I’ve been browsing, and I must say I really admire your work. I noticed the whimsy, the realism, the commentary, and of course the well-composed images. Thanks for sharing!

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