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  1. Not just commenting on this pic – all are great. Thanks for the ‘like’ of my picture haiku which brought me to your site. What camera do you have with you all the time? Following you now. grumpytyke

      • I have a Canon 5D (first model) which just became too much to carry around. So I bought a Lumix GF1, with the little 14-42mm which goes pretty much everywhere. I wish it had a manual zoom like its earlier version, which I prefer, but that makes it unpocketable (if that’s a word!). Can’t bring myself to part with the 5D though.

      • 5D is heavy! Sometimes I take my D3000 which is much lighter. The difference in pictures quality is pretty big tho. I always regret I didn’t take D90 when it comes to high ISO shots..

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