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One of a very few, last remaining residents of a nearly abandoned village of Julaca.
Julaca, Bolivia

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One of many artefacts scattered around nearly abandoned village of Julaca.
Julaca, Bolivia


Hot air ballon taking off for a sunrise flight across archeological area in Bagan where more than 2000 Buddhist monuments tower over green plains.
Bagan, Myanmar

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A group of photographers are capturing one of the most beautiful of Guatemala’s natural wonders – El Boquerón. It’s a narrow, only accessible by boat limestone canyon, whose 180-meter walls are covered in foliage heavy with hanging moss.
Izabal, Guatemala




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Mysterious ancient geoglyphs in the Nazca desert.
Nazca, Peru


Random scene in Nazca town
Nazca, Peru


Alona Beach
Bohol, Philipines

Bohol1 copy1One of the smallest primates in the world – Philippine tarsier

Bohol, Philippines

Bohol2 copy

A farmer inspecting his rice fields
Bohol, Philipines

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Father and son selling crickets and sunflower seeds on a market streets of Kyaiktiyo. A “NAZI” t-shirt worn by a boy clearly displays a lack of basic education that poor farmers and their families are subjected to in Myanmar.
Kyaiktiyo, Myanmar